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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Have I Mentioned I'm A Raiders Fan Lately?

Yeah yeah, I've heard 'em all and my wife and kid torment me constantly. Fucking Seahawks fans.

Hey, I was BORN in Oakland.
The same year that the Raiders joined the AFC, Nineteen fucking sixty, OK?

Just Win Baby.

It is no coincidence that the Raiders have a reputation for being the Bad Boys of the NFL.
They be some mean motherfuckers and personal fouls are like merit badges.

So when I saw this bullshit news story I just had to laugh.

A Raiders linebacker is "under investigation", for taunting a fucking police dog.

You read that right.
Apparently it's a felony offense in Pennsylvania, to tease a fucking police dog.

Go figure.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police are investigating the alleged taunting of a police K-9 by a member of the Oakland Raiders at Heinz Field Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the incident happened as the Raiders were taking the field for their matchup with the Steelers.

“We were immediately notified about the incident, and we immediately initiated a criminal investigation into the matter. Sheriff’s Office supervisors interviewed witnesses and reviewed video surveillance recordings at Heinz Field. We notified the District Attorney’s Office on Sunday. The Sheriff’s Office is currently reviewing all of the information and reports to make a final determination relating to charges,” Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said.

Sources tell our Rich Walsh that the player has been identified as linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong.

Sources say Armstrong lifted up his shirt, beat his chest, and started barking and yelling at the K-9 before the start of the game. The dog had to be restrained.

Walsh: “Do you know why this player taunted the dog?”

Kraus: “I don’t. I don’t know if anybody does. He came out of the locker room, he started jumping up and down, intimidating the dog, calling for the dog. The dog immediately responded and tried to make its way over to the player, the K-9 deputy prevented the dog from doing so.”

Taunting a police K-9 is a felony in Pennsylvania.

No charges have been filed at this time.

The Oakland Raiders and Armstrong have been made aware of the situation.

Pretty fucking pathetic.

I would imagine the poor mutt is going to need therapy now, sheese.

They should give Ray Ray a Raise Raise.


  1. Not much of any sports in general (watching grown men in tight pants playing with their balls), but I remember watching some Raiders games with my Dad who did watch football sometimes. The Raider punter (tall skinny dude - Ray something) could put the ball in the clouds and had really good knack for sticking the opposing team way back there. Kenny Stabler was a pretty good quarterback too.

  2. Go Raiders!

    Been a die hard Raiders fan since their inception, (I'm a tad older than you, heh).


  3. Don't feel bad Phil, it wasn't your fault you were born in Oakland.


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