Thursday, October 1, 2015

Breaking News, Mass Shooting At Roseburg Ore Community College

Jesus, Roseburg is a small town in Southwest Oregon I used to live in.
From what I am hearing there are ten dead and twenty wounded.
The hospital there is in no way prepared for this kind of situation so they are life flighting some of the wounded to Springfield/Eugene 90 miles away and hauling them in ambulances.

They are showing pictures of the police searching the students back packs now that it's over, that's some fine police work there, Lou.
I'm waiting to hear what happened to the sick fuck who was doing the shooting.

I will update this as I get more information.

Update 1,

It appears the body count is climbing as some of the wounded have died en route to the hospital, I am hearing 15 dead now.

Update 2,

The police wouldn't let anyone take their cars home and have bussed everyone to the Douglas County Fair Grounds.

We were there last Summer for a concert.

Supposedly the shooter is in custody, no word on age, sex, condition.

Update 3

The wife just turned off the local news coverage because as usual, when they don't have any real facts to report they resort to inane questions posed to other people who don't have a fucking clue as to what's going on. At one point they were interviewing some woman from Kentucky of all places who had a Niece there!
Then they were trolling Twitter for fucks sake.
I'm sure the National news crews will have more info than these clueless fucks here shortly.

Update 4

There is a link to the live coverage here if you can stand it.

Update 5

Apparently the asshole doing the shooting is dead too.

The attorney general said the shooter was killed in the melee at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Ore., KGW-TV reports.

“It is believed there is only one shooter who is no longer a threat,” Oregon State Police said in a statement. “There is no current threat to the community.”

Kortney Moore, 18, told News Review-Today that she in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when one shot came through a window. She said she saw her teacher get shot in the head.

The shooter was inside at that point, and he told people to get on the ground, Moore told the newspaper. The shooter was asking people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing, Moore said..

A witness at the scene in Roseburg said the male shooter was shot by police and was acting alone, according The Register-Guard of Eugene. The report could not be immediately confirmed.


  1. The shooter is supposedly detained, but no word on the identity.

  2. Very sad situation. I'm stopping by Cabelas and picking up 2 cases of 5.56 LAP and advise everyone to also before the Commies in Salem pass another stupid gun control law making ammo impossible to get.

    1. Probably a good idea unfortunately.

  3. Asking about religion, then firing? Sounds like a muzzie...

  4. And right in the middle of this, another clueless fuck, Mullah Obama, is pontificating and politicizing ths tragedy by calling for more gun control. The 20,000 gun laws already on the books are of little to no use, so lets pass another useless and toothless law. Or maybe Mullah Obama (piss be upon him) will issue another of his seemingly endless executive decrees.



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