Monday, September 14, 2015

This Could Get Interesting

Apparently these asslowns are going to do us all a favor and start fighting amongst themselves.

That works for me, I hope they go all in on both sides and slaughter each other by the thousands.

Al Qaeda declares WAR on ISIS as evil regimes go head to head in bloody showdown

The boss of Al Qaeda has declared war on fellow jihadists in Islamic State (ISIS) in a scathing attack discovered on the 14th anniversary of 9/11.
Al-Zawahiri accused al-Baghdadi of "sedition" for last year calling on the world's Muslims to "obey" him as the head of the caliphate.

Egyptian doctor al-Zawahiri said in the message: “We have endured a lot of harm from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his brothers, and we preferred to respond with as little as possible, out of our concern to extinguish the fire of sedition.

“But Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his brothers did not leave us a choice, for they have demanded that all the mujahideen reject their confirmed pledges of allegiance, and to pledge allegiance to them for what they claim of a caliphate."


Counter terrorism expert Matthew Olsen said the dramatic move will cause an "irreconcilable" fracture between the two terror groups.

He said: Zawahiri until now has not been willing to openly condemn Baghdadi and ISIS - it highlights how deep the division is between al Qaeda leadership and ISIS.

"It suggests that the differences are irreconcilable.

"Had ISIS and al Qaeda realigned by joining forces, it would be terrible."

ISIS was originally the Iraqi branch of al Qaeda but spilt from the larger group two years ago.


  1. Good.

    Let them kill each other!

  2. This is a case of "The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy"

  3. Get your popcornk, pull up a chair and watch the show.


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