Gas It

Gas It

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Touristy Crap

More driving and rubbernecking to come today.


  1. Dude! You have got to get out more. Nice photos.

  2. Newport, Or. You have to eat at the Newport cafe on 101. They have a 3 pound burger for like 9 bucks that kicks ass.

  3. Newport Bay Front! Used to be my job site but I work in front of a bunch of 'puters now, yet drive by every day. My hippie van died on the bridge a week ago in the middle of the day. I must have gotten revenge on at least a couple of hundred tourists! My wife gave tours at the Undersea gardens nearly 50 years ago. Nice weather we've had lately, eh?

    1. The South Beach Marina under the bridge?
      I was on the Piledriver crew that drove all those pilings in for the slips way back in '79 or '80.
      I went to fist grade in Toledo, lived in Siletz for a while as a little kid and still have cousins living around the Newport area.

      My Uncle used to run the fuel dock.
      I used to get drunker than a piss boiled hoot owl down there in the little taverns on the Waterfront.


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