Gas It

Gas It

Saturday, June 27, 2015

You Go Granny!

This cracked my ass up, I can just see this old gal yelling at the bastards to wipe their shoes off too.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (AP) — An 88-year-old woman has been charged with assaulting police who responded to her western Massachusetts home, which turned out to be the wrong address.

The Berkshire Eagle ( ) reports that officers went to the home of Phyllis Stankiewicz on Thursday following a report of a disturbance involving someone with a baseball bat.

Police say Stankiewicz opened her front door while wielding a knife and slapped an officer, after telling police there was no crime there and yelling at them to leave. Authorities later said the disturbance report was actually for a home a block away.

Stankiewicz pleaded not guilty Friday in District Court to assault and battery on a police officer and was released on her own recognizance. She declined to comment when reached by phone by The Associated Press.


  1. Too bad the old gal didn't have some brass-knuckles to greet those asshats with.


  2. what you wonder is, who was being beaten to death with the baseball bat while granny was being disturbed. if she lives near ball bat wielding criminals it is no wonder she answered the door armed.


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