Gas It

Gas It

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lucille Has Been Silenced Forever

Damn, another one.

B.B. King passed away last night.

It's a sad day again.

The man was a legend before I was even born.

I certainly don't have the words that would do him any kind of justice and wouldn't try to pretend I had.

All I can say is God rest his soul and play some of his music that entertained millions of people spanning multiple generations.

This is from a documentary and B.B. is playing for the prisoners in Sing Sing Prison on Thanksgiving day.

Future generations will have no idea what we have lost today.


  1. I'm so glad I saw him a few years ago. He was having a good night and was at the top of his game. A true master. The world is a less interesting place this morning.

  2. It is a sad day indeed . I have had the privilege of seeing B. B. in concert 14 times, starting in 1971.



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