Friday, March 6, 2015

OK, That Got My Attention

After the heater core decided to take a shit on me on my way to work yesterday, I had to stop at one of those Quickie mart things and get some water. While I was there I decided to go inside and get a Coke.

So I'm standing there in line waiting for some older than me Geezer to get his lottery tickets when all of a sudden it felt like someone hit the building with a giant fucking hammer.

Now I have been through several earthquakes, some of them fairly sizeable, and that is exactly what this felt like, only shorter.

I kept waiting for the rest of it, ya know? It was just one quick and powerful jolt.

I finally said "What the fuck was that?!" Finally, as in .2 nano seconds after the glass bottles quit rattling in the refrigerator cases.

Both of the young clerks looked at me matter of fact and said in unison, "Dynamite".

It suddenly clicked.

Right behind the store, around the corner and behind some trees is a great big fucking rock quarry.
It's been there for a hundred years and used to be several miles out of town back in the day.

Of course with urban sprawl, there are now high dollar houses all along the rim of the thing and the city went clear past it and now shares a border with the small city next to it that used to be ten fucking miles away.

That's right, ten fucking miles of urban sprawl in just the last thirty years.

I can remember when there weren't even roads out that way and the ones that were there were all gravel.

After I paid for the Coke and went outside ,right next to the store, you couldn't see the road because it was obscured by a huge cloud of dust.

Some call it progress.

I laughed to myself at all the dumb sonsabitches who built houses right next to this giant rock quarry and now bitch about the noise and the dust.

That quarry isn't going anywhere, they have the mineral rights to go clear down to the water table if they want and that is several hundred more feet, times a quarter of a mile square.


  1. ... Or THIS issue...

  2. Lol!

    Yep, that can be an issue. I have to go by this thing every day and I remember once quite a while ago that they shut the highway down next to it and set one off.

    There were boulders like that landing in the fucking road.

    1. That ain't stuff to mess with :) Stay safe!

  3. I'm just amazed no one commented about the "older than me" comment! Didn't know they still made those!


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