Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Need To Start Paying Attention Closer To Home

Here I thought I keep up with the news pretty good.
It looks like I don't pay enough attention to the local shit.

For example, just today, I surfed around a bit before I went to work and saw the usual bullshit.

I get to work and find out some guy went ape shit because his HOA had been fucking him around, I guess he was renting out rooms in his house and it was going all the way to court when he just snapped.
He got out his AK and went and shot some lady in the face he was pissed off at then went general bug fuck crazy and drove down town and started shooting at random cars on the highway before the cops finally cornered his ass.

In the end they sicced the dogs on what turned out to be a quickly cooling corpse.

The asshole did himself in before the cops could finish him.

I really wish these types would just jump to the end before they get started, it would save everybody a whole bunch of grief.

All this happened within three miles of here, traveling from East North East to West South West.
The fucking highways were closed off and all kinds of shit.
I managed to miss the whole thing.

As if this isn't rather important enough, then I find out Cousin Ebola is in town!!

Fuck me!!
How did I miss this little scrap of information?

Somewhere in an "undisclosed hospital" over in Portland.

Undislosed as in Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital, otherwise known as OHSU around these parts.

That is far and away the only facility within hundreds of miles in any direction that could handle something like that.

Basically the only one between Seattle, San Francisco and Denver.

This makes me wonder just what else I have been missing around here.

I'm going to have to tune in I guess.

It's not like there is a shortage of crazy fuckers around here, I just get busy doing other shit and my work schedule is such that it seems everything goes on either while I am still asleep or at work.


  1. I don't know if it is something in the water or in the air.....but looking at the number of wackos running around....something is going on. Sure, this is nothing new....but in these numbers???? I just wonder if.....and this is over the top, I know....but is it possible there is some kind of mass hypnosis going on? Either that.....or else this is finally the bubble bursting over all the damm liberal educating kids have been getting in our schools.And maybe...just maybe this is what happens when our society no longer institutionalizes the insane......

  2. Robert Heinlein wrote The Crazy Years a long time ago. Check out the sun.


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