Sunday, July 13, 2014

Excuse The Mess

Aggravating cocksucker anyway.

I think I have the issue of the disappearing side bars figured out.

Fixing that is another matter.

According to the Blogger Help Page, (spit), this occasionally occurs when the side bars get too wide and it kicks them down stairs.

Seeings how I did not change anything on my layout page when I put up that one post, I have no fucking clue how something got kattywampus.

I dicked around with this problem for several hours and I think what the fucking parameter problem is actually boiling down to is the size of my Blogroll, because I completely got rid of everything else and it is still fucked up.

This is going to be one time consuming little task and I ain't in the mood to sit for fucking hours and hours culling my Blogroll. Opening up a link, copying that link, going into my layout, opening a new gadget window, naming it, then paste the new link into it, then go open old gadget window, find that fucking link and delete it.

All this so that I can trim down the size of the box my Blogroll is in and I would have to do that over FIFTY FUCKING TIMES!!

So you folks are just going to have to be patient with me on this.

I already culled a shit load of Blogs that hadn't been updated for over six months and I'm thinking that number is going to grow just to save me time.

If you are on my Blogroll and you haven't posted in the last month, you had better get with the program or you are going to be history.

I am also going to be fucking with the template so don't freak out if it is a mess when you stop by.
I'll get it where I want eventually.


  1. I promise to post something. Jeeze, your going to give yourself a stroke. ;)

  2. I see that my blog is missing get that fixed my man:)Good luck with the repairs!


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