Friday, May 2, 2014

Fucky Fuck Games At The Bureau Of Licensing,V.2,596,785,Where I Finally Win One

I was going to title this post "Why It's Called Justifiable Homicide".

Jesus Christ was I pissed off.

My arm is still twitching from wanting to reach across and slap the taste out of some petty bureaucratic bitch's mouth.

As you may know, last year I bought a cherry 1983 GMC Caballero from a wrecking yard for $1600 as a "Builder".

It looks just like this one but not quite as shiny because I have never waxed it yet.

It was a one owner, 124,000 original miles steal.The front end has been repainted I can see and the transmission was bad in it.
I got the original window sticker for estimated mileage and the dealer brochure and some receipts for new tires, etc.
Come to find out, I even know the lady who's Grandfather owned it.

The wrecking yard told me they got it from a Dealer Auction.

It was an unmitigated disaster and a traumatic experience getting the plates and title for it though.
It took almost a fucking month and cost me an arm and a leg.
Fucking around with petty fucking State government bureaucrats and the State Police.

I had to have the State Police do an inspection on it.

That took three fucking weeks to even get scheduled because they were having staffing issues and wound up with ONE damn lady cop to cover the ENTIRE Southwest Washington area.

Needless to say she was not real pleasant because she was overworked to begin with.

Now because I bought this from a wrecking yard, I knew up front that they were going to want to issue me a Branded Title.

Imagine my surprise when I got a clean title!

Now that was a year ago,I noticed last week that my plate tags were about to expire so I asked The Wife if I had gotten a renewal notice in the mail.

She said no.

I get very little personal mail and it would be easy to remember.

So I go down to the Bureau of licensing two days ago to get tabs.

Insert ominous music here.

Sure as shit, it starts again.

First off, I have yet to meet anyone that isn't an asshole at one of these places.
They have a shitty job with the ability to fuck you over seven ways from Sunday on a whim and I swear to God, they enjoy every second of doing it too.

Right off the bat,she tells me she can't sell me tags because there is a notice in the file that I need to bring in my title and have it branded.
Of course my tags expire the next day.
All I could do was get a three day travel permit for thirty fucking dollars and walk away mad.
Oh, was I mad.

I showed those sonsabitches at the DMV and the State Police both the printed receipt from the wrecking yard so they should have done that on day one.

It brought back those vivid memories of all the bullshit I went through in the first place and to top it off, she tells me that if I had been pulled over in the last year that I would have gotten a huge fine, my plates yanked and my car impounded!

All because someone didn't do their fucking job.

Yeah, to say I was pissed off would be a major understatement.

So I go back down there today, with the title and when she goes to process it, the computer won't let her.

Here, we go, again.

She calls up to the State office and they go round and round. They are saying it needs to be inspected by the State Police because the wrecking yard sent in the notice that it was sold as a wrecked vehicle.

She pointedly ignores me when I try to interrupt this clusterfuck to tell her I already did that.

Long story short, the wrecking yard is the ones responsible for this disaster for not processing their paperwork inside the entire fucking month it took me to go through all that bullshit and the State issued me the title before they got that notice.

Here is where I finally win one,
the person at the State level threw in the towel rather than start the whole process over again and they let me keep my clean title!

It's probably a good thing because I was about to snap.
I'm not kidding either.

My arm is still twitching.



  1. I had title issues with the ambulance I bought. Turns out they screwed up the title when the ambulance company bought it, but nobody stops an ambulance. The state just kept renewing it year after year. When I tried to register it, the process took 6 months. Real clusterfuck. That's with the town clerk and the NH DMV both working with me. The vehicle was originally bought in Maine, so it was the Maine DMV that was the bottle neck.

    Normally working with my local DMV is a fairly pleasant experience. In fact, I had a guy who had moved up from NJ who just could not stop smiling after dealing with NH. There was no line and his stuff was taken care of in 10 minutes. I guess in NJ he'd waste a whole day.

  2. Good to hear you got it straightened out.

  3. I went through this with a fire truck I once bought. Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare!


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