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When you look up the definition of that word, you will see this picture,

Far-Right Texas Terrorist Planned Murder And Robbery Spree in the Name of ‘Liberty’

Robert James Talbot, Jr. woke up on the morning of March 27 ready to carry out the plan he’d allegedly been concocting for months. He drove to a storage facility in Houston, Texas where he met the three other members of “Operation Liberty.” According to a criminal complaint filed against him, Talbot had recruited his teammates via a Facebook group called the American Insurgent Movement to help him rob armored cars; the first phase of his larger scheme to kill police officers and blow up mosques and government buildings. Talbot allegedly provided his team with detailed maps of the financial institution he wanted to target, and escape routes for best avoiding law enforcement. He put two Composition 4, or C4, plastic explosive devices in his black backpack and asked one of his team members to read a “manifesto” he’d brought with him.

“We must rebel. There is no other option,” it read, according to the complaint. “Blood and bullets are the only two things that will change this world, short of divine action.”

On his way to carry out the robbery, Talbot was arrested by an FBI SWAT team.


Of course, two of the willing "team members" were undercover FBI agents who strung this fool along until he had enough rope to hang himself with.

According to the complaint against him, the FBI began investigating Talbot in August 2013 after he unwittingly met with an unnamed informant and allegedly expressed his desire to rob banks and use that money to equip his “resistance” group with weapons with which they would kill law enforcement.

Over the next eight months, the FBI complaint alleges, Talbot set his plan into motion: He created a Facebook group titled “American Insurgent Movement” or “AIM.” He described it as “a Pre-Constitutionalist Community that offers those who seek True patriotism and are looking for absolute Freedom by doing the Will of God. Who want to restore America Pre-Constitutionally and look forward to stopping the Regime with action by bloodshed.”

Say goodbye to this moron for the next twenty years.

The article then goes on to paint all Patriots with the broad brush of the government approved Southern Poverty Law Center definition.

What is clear from the American Insurgent Movement Facebook page, is that whoever created it identifies with a wide-range of radical, right-wing, anti-government beliefs often ascribed to “Patriotism.”

I'd like to slap the taste out of someones mouth for that crap, twice.

There is a whole lot more in this article, I tried to cut it down for brevity.

You can read the rest here, if you can stomach it.

H/T to FARK for the link.

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