Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting Sick

I felt it hit about two hours before I got off work, all at once.
Burning sensation in my nose/sinus/ roof of my mouth. Roof of my mouth felt dry too.

By quitting time my ears felt like they were plugging up and I could feel the start of a sore throat.
Now, three hours later I can feel the lymph nodes along side my throat are swollen up, it's hard to swallow and painful, oh yeah, it's coming.

Fuck me, just what I need.

Without fail, every time I get a head cold the motherfucker heads straight to my chest and lingers for weeks.


I'm going to bed.
It may be a bit quiet tomorrow, depends on how hard my ass is getting kicked by an invisible bug and his buddies.

Update/Next day.

Ah, yeah.

I woke up a few minutes ago, fifteen minutes before I was supposed to leave for work.

That ain't gonna happen today.

Called the boss already.

I have a splitting headache, sore throat, stuffed up sinuses and feel like I have been through a cycle in a tumble dryer.
My lovely wife sprang into Mommy/Nurse mode and started running around gathering her concoctions and forcing them on me by the handful.

Bufferin, echinachia, Halls sore throat lozenges, Vitamin C, some other Horse pill sized fucking thing called Cold Ease and there is a bottle of generic Nyquil, my personal favorite, sitting here next to the bed.

I told her that when she goes to the store that I want some good old Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz Alka Seltzer Plus, some real aspirin and a small drum of real Nyquil.

That Nyquil is the shit man.
The little shot glass cup they have on the top goes flying immediately and I tip it up and take a couple of large swallows.

Blessed uninterrupted sleep follows along shortly after that.

I hate being sick, it sucks donkey balls.


  1. Take it easy. Get some rest, if you can. Hope it leaves as fast as it hit.

  2. Olive leaf tincture, diluted in a glass of hot water.



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