Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Operating System Blues

Fuck me.

I have been using Ubuntu for a while now.

It has it's quirks, some of which are quite irritating.

I have to say up front that I know just enough about computers to make me very fucking dangerous.

I have outright killed a few.

This current laptop my wife got me for christmas two years ago and I love this thing.

Windows, not so much.

So this Ubuntu deal has had a pretty steep learning curve.

I have no clue how to type commands to make it do things, hell, I looked and can't even find anywhere to even type commands in to begin with.

I use it for surfing the web mostly, downloading shit and watching youtube videos.

I fuck with it a little here and there but nothing like I had to do with Windows 7.

Hate that motherfucker almost but not quite as much as Vista.

Anyway, It said there was a buttload of updates, 198 to be exact.

Where I think I fucked up is that I just downloaded them all, like ya do in Windows.

Big fucking mistake.

I have no idea what it did but I couldn't figure out how to undo it and got pissed off and deleted it.

Every time I wanted to go to a website a little window would pop up telling me that it was a file type such and so and where would I like to put it?



It was FUBAR.

I lost all my pictures, downloads, manuals, hard to find bookmarks, the whole shebang.

Even better, now I can't figure out how to get the fucking thing situated to reinstall the cocksucker!

I have the disk,finally.
That took two fucking days, seriously, two fucking days.

It seems the downloads are so fucking huge that they won't fit on a cheapie CD anymore.

A ton of the old versions are obsolete now.

Then they are some kind of ISO file and you have to burn the image and not the files and you need to convert the fucking files with a Bittorent file which you have to download THAT and OH MY Fucking GOD is it complicated!

The last time I did this, after I had the CD, it booted up and partitioned the hard drive and loaded everything all by its self, the way it should fucking be.

This time? Oh hell no.

It's asking me questions about shit that might as well be Swahili as far as I know.

I have absolutely no fucking clue what this fucking thing is talking about and giving me multiple options to do things with an operating system install is akin to running an entire herd of very angry bulls through a fine china shop.

It is going to get permanently fucked up.

The wifes sister is supposed to come over Saturday and wipe this fucker clean, as in all of it go Bye Bye.

Windoze and all.

Time to start over.

I have the recovery discs, four of the sonsabitches.

You see, my wife knows me well.

When she got the lap top, she bought the recovery discs because she knew from the get go that I was going to fuck this thing up eventually to the point that I am at right about now.

I mean Windoze still works even though it has been bastardized by yours truly until it is a smoking pile of 1's and 0's but it still works, I just hate it.

I am currently on line using the Ubuntu CD and could do this repeatedly if I really wanted to.

Naw. Spit on it and wipe it shiny clean.

The sister in law can reinstall Windoze as designed and then I will have her figure out this Linux bullshit.
Ubuntu isn't secure so I will be getting a USB memory stick with fourteen bazillion gigabites of memory and she can download a newer and more stable version of Linux and then Windoze can sit in the corner in the dark as a backup.

Like I said, Fuck Me.


  1. You broke Ubuntu? Are you the sort of guy who could break an anvil? Accidentally?

    It's been rock solid on my machine. When MS came out with Vista, I started using Ubuntu. Right now it's running on a tiny netbook computer.

    Yeah, it's got a steep learning curve, but it's been worth it for me. One a really obsolete machine I run Puppy linux. Very small and stripped down OS, but works fine.

    1. What, you've never seen my specialty?
      Stand back while I pulverize this anvil with my rubber mallet.

      Yeah, Don't ask me what happened by I broked it.

  2. You might be better off with Kubuntu, It uses the KDE Desktop Environment, and looks and acts a lot like Windoze.

    You download the ISO, usually a DVD-sized file, and "Burn Image" to make a bootable installation disk. You can do this with a Windows machine, or if you want, I can do it and mail you the disk.

    As far a typing in commands, you need to open a "Terminal Window" (looks like a "DOS Box in Windows) and do you typing there.

    1. Thanks for the tip.
      I think one of the problems I am having is my cheapie CD's, they only have 700MB of space.

      While I am dicking around here I might as well look into your suggestion of Kubuntu.

  3. Well, I remember when CD's only had 640MB of space, so I guess that makes me really old!

    There are very few Linux Distributions that fit fit on a single CD anymore.

    Puppy was mentioned, and I think that will even fit on some floppies, though it's been a LOOOONG time since I played around with Puppy Linux.

    IIRC, you can download a bootable version of one of the 'Buntus that fits on a memory stick, but even those are getting pretty damn big these days!


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