Sunday, October 13, 2013

Message Recieved, Answer Forthcoming

We have all been witnessing the petty and vindictive mind games coming from the Obama administration and it's minions the past week and a half.
Closing memorials and National parks,just,I don't know, stupid shit, meant to inconvenience and intimidate the American public courtesy of the twisted political fever dream of some real dickhead back in D.C. .

I suppose whoever is behind this thought that this was a clever idea to foment political pressure in an attempt to sway the ongoing budget conflict between the two major political parties in this country.

I would suggest to whomever this rank fucking amateur is that you have seriously underestimated the citizens of this country, again, and their never cease to amaze me capacity to flip the bird figuratively and literally to tin pot dictators with dreams of grandeur.

Just in case it hasn't been brought to your attention yet, we Americans can be an ornery lot.

Your little fucky fuck games do not impress us much.

On the contrary, while you think you can sit back while denying us access to the things in this country that we have bought, paid for and pay to maintain with our tax dollars and blood, we have other ideas.

Time wounds all heels and time will tell just who ordered all this nonsense and then we will deal with those individuals in the way that Americans are known for, swiftly and justly.

In the mean time, there are a few thousand citizens who are sending an unmistakable message to you clowns as I type this from across the country.

If you think putting wimpy little steel barricades around our national parks is actually going to keep people out, I suggest to you to think again.

Some of the American people you have irritated have decided to rearrange the furniture so to speak.

If you will notice, they have deposited them where they belong,in front of the Whitehouse.

This is a subtle suggestion for you to pull your head out of your ass.

You will also notice the phrase I used was irritated Americans, because at this point, that's what they are, irritated.

They aren't pissed off, yet.

If they were, there would be blood in the streets and we all know that is an indisputable fact.

So I suggest to whomever is responsible for this childish bullshit that you wake the fuck up.

If you continue to keep irritating people in childish ways then the adults will be forced to come have a talk with you.

They will be forced to do so to stop the violence that is sure to follow this course of action.

The fact that I am having to point this out is almost embarrassing but seems to be necessary.

It's been my experience in life that some people can't see the obvious.

There is always that one child who doesn't learn not to touch the stove because it is hot the first time.
These are the children destined to be politicians.


  1. I read this comment on another blog and thought it made a lot of sense. The misery factor in closing down 'namby pamby stuff' is on purpose - it is done to remind us HOW DEPENDENT WE ARE ON WHAT IS PROVIDED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

  2. The ass clowns in the district of criminals are incapable of seeing the obvious, and the reality of it all is that they really do not give a shit.


  3. Err, you do know that it is a law, the Anti-Deficiency Act, passed by Congress, that orders the President to close all parks and monuments if there is no funding in the budget for their operation? And that this has been the law since literally 18 fucking 70, so it ain't exactly a NEW law, it's been, like, the law, for over a hundred fucking years? So it's the President's fault for obeying a law passed by Congress? Whu?!

    1. As a matter of fact Tux, I posted about that a couple of weeks ago when the shutdown started so yes, I am aware of that.
      A simple sign would have taken care of that.
      So how does that jibe with you that they opened the Mall for an immigration rally?

      They are spending more money for guards and fencing to make their point than just simply putting up a sign and ignoring a few citizens wandering around an open air monument.

      There is very much a political statement being made here and it is as obvious as the broken nose on my face.

    2. The guards are not being paid, they are Federal employees, not contractors, and have been ordered to report to work as "essential" employees or be fired. As for allowing a rally, my understanding is that the organizers of the rally paid for all expenses including the after-rally cleanup and the cost of Federal and D.C. cops to oversee things. The ADA prevents the President from spending money to keep things open (and yes, monuments need cleaning on a thrice-daily basis or they get trashed), it doesn't prevent *other* people from spending money to keep things open.

    3. Furthermore, this stuff about the monuments in my opinion has been built up as a trap for the President. If he in fact spends money to keep them open, he is violating the ADA and the House will impeach him. He thus far has not fallen for the trap.


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