Monday, September 2, 2013

They Say That Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop

If that's the case then I wonder if he could spare a minion or two to finish building that little shelving project I have been working on, I'm tired.

Fuck me I have been busy.

Spent almost all fucking day yesterday trying to repair the fucked up garage door.

Whoever the dumbshit was that installed the door opener didn't adjust the pull lever right and the sonofabitch has been yanking the garage door horizontally when it starts to move instead of vertically that little bit to get the rollers over the curve at the top of the rails.
It finally bound up so tight it broke a fucking hinge in the middle of the door clear in half and then collapsed the main stiffener at the top of the door.
It then bent right in the middle and actually tore the fucking metal!

Once I finally got the fucking thing unhooked from the opener lever and all the way open the top of the door sagged in the middle about a fucking foot.

This was a while back, I ain't had time to mess with it but I had all three days off this weekend and figured it would be a good time to tackle it.

After assessing the damage and getting some kind of idea what I was going to need for materials I started calling around to all the steel yards in the area.

No answer.

Their ads all said they were open on Saturday to at least one, some clear to four o'clock.

About eleven thirty I said fuck it and drove over to Portland to the closest one.

Bigger than shit, the sign says they are open on Saturday with new hours, clear until four.

Bigger than shit too, the fucking gates are shut and locked.

After pondering this little problem, I remembered a hardware store a couple miles down the road in the neighborhood I used to live in twenty years ago so I headed over there.

Key words, little store.

I damn near drove right past it.
They expanded the joint to four times the size it used to be!

They did however, have the fucking steel I needed.

At three times the price.

Fuck me, almost a hundred bucks and I carried the shit out by myself.

So I spent most of the rest of the day taking the top of the garage door apart so I could get behind the ripped out stiffener and then cut, fitted and drilled a piece of one inch square tubing to fit in behind it under the lip at the top of the center section, installed some corner brackets to tie it all in to the rest of the stamped out Chinese sheet metal and then replaced the broken hinge.

It was quite a project and of course it was hotter than a half fucked fox in a forest fire in that garage with the fucking door shut.

I was sweatin' my ass off.

After I got it all back together I ran it up and something is still binding somewhere.

It looks like it should, everything is where it used to be, just a buttload more support in the middle.

Fuck if I know.

Of course the fucking electric opener won't pull it open so fuck that piece of shit for right now.
I can get it open and closed by hand and that is all I am after right now.
By the way, I now have about seventy five dollars worth of steel left over.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

I figured I had better get anything even remotely useful while I could at that fucking hardware store because you gotta know nothing was going to be open today if I needed something else.

I'll use it eventually on some damn project.

In the mean time it is laying in the middle of the fucking floor for me to trip over repeatedly.

After that little fiasco I took a break and then started in on cleaning and lubricating some rifles that I had also put off.

I also finally got around to installing the new mag release lever and the beefed up bolt lock piece for my 10/22 I have had laying around for six months.
Of course, true to form, while I had the damn thing apart the fucking scope slid down the rail.
I hastily put it on when I went to sight it in last month after I found out the Red Dot I bought was so far off I couldn't even tell where the bullets were going.

Now I have to go burn even more hard to find .22LR shells to sight the fucker back in.

I won't really go into the clusterfuck too much that I ran into over at my folks. there is more than I am going to get into here. I am glad I am able to help him out, fer Chrissakes, he was in the fucking hospital for two damn weeks and he is in no shape to be messing around with that kind of shit, besides, that's what kids are for anyway.

It's just that Murphy bastard. Just when a guy is in a slight hurry.......

I had pulled his giant motorhome out and put it in the front driveway so the windshield guy could put new windshields in it.

That involves the obligatory Vehicle rodeo of moving a bunch of damn cars around and then backing the behemoth out of the back driveway blind and all the way across the street into the neighbors driveway just to get out.

I went over there to put it back, did the rodeo thing and jumped in it to start the big Cat engine and it went "click, click".

As I was sitting in the drivers seat silently cursing like a Teamster I looked into the rear view mirror up in the middle and noticed a small ceiling fan all the way in the ass end of the prick turning verrrrry slowly.


More clusterfuck, every battery in the bastard was dead, six of 'em!! That fan had been running since Thursday at Noon.

Hauled out the fucking battery charger, let it sit for twenty minutes and it cranked over about three times and quit again.

By now it's starting to get dark and I need to be at home to BBQ dinner, the wife slept wrong and can't move her arm,head or neck without screaming.

I left the charger on trickle charge, came home, everything was still half frozen, it's now eight o'clock.
Fucked around on the computer, finally got dinner made then went back in the garage and started in on the home made shelf unit.

It ain't big, 24"X48" high but it's a mess as I am no kind of carpenter at all. It's basically a severe duty pallet stood on end with sides and shelves. Severe duty as in inch and an eighth thick tongue and groove boards for the back wall and one by twelve sides.

I'll finish it tomorrow.
I'm sure the neighbors were more than happy for me to quit hammering and sawing shit at midnight.

So, what all did you do this weekend, HMMMM?


  1. You just can't win sometimes.

    I fed Lulu for two days -

    and my other job today will be watching holidayers heading home after thinking they found their freedom the last two or three.

  2. I did jack all weekend. Company Friday and Saturday. Sunday drove over to Maine to visit friends. Heading to my daughter's for dinner.

    Hate garage doors. The one good thing about not having a garage at my current place.


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