Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Will You Tell Her?

I found this image over at Brock Townsend's with the headline saying "I'm Going To Cry".

The more I looked at it, the more it sank in and the closer I came to shedding tears. This is a very powerful image.

So I'm asking you.

What would you say to this little girl?

This is why we need to redouble our efforts people.

The Fascist bastards are always using our children as a weapon when they tighten the noose.
"Think of the children" is their battle cry.

We need to step up to the plate and get right back in their faces and tell them one simple truth,

"We are and that is why you are wrong"

Thank you Brock.


I wasn't paying enough attention. Brock linked to it from Mike at 90 Miles From Tyranny.

My apologies to Mike for the oversight but I am going to let the post stand as is.


  1. I first saw it over at 90miles myself. Started thinking of my Grandkids. Damn.

  2. I'm going to cry, my immediate feeling when I saw it.

  3. What was freedom like? Hmm. Freedom was being able to walk into an airport terminal and walk to the gate and watch the airplanes roll up to the gate -- without a ticket or boarding pass or ID or anything! Freedom was when having your phone tapped was a big deal rather than the norm. Freedom was when I got into a fight with another kid at school and guess what, we got *detention* rather than arrested and sent to kiddie jail! And every kid at school had a pocket knife, but none of us got stabbed, imagine that! Freedom was when you could walk down the street without a cop demanding "your papers", that was something that only happened in evil Commie countries, and when police officers carried a baton and a .38 revolver and dressed in a blue suit rather than armed like commandos and dressed in full bling warfighting gear.

    And the thing is, what I remember is only 1/10th of the freedoms that my great-grandparents had. They could, for example, move out to the frontier, find a piece of land, and just FARM IT! And guess what -- the government would GIVE it to them if they did that for a certain number of years! Imagine that!

    So I guess I don't know what freedom was like after all...


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