Saturday, August 31, 2013

An International Holiday Just For Wirecutter

Yep, today is International Bacon Day!

I was just over at Kenny's place and didn't see any mention of it.

Can't believe he doesn't know!

Better get busy, my belly is growling just thinking about a huge pile of bacon.

I do have one question for y'all.

How do you like your bacon cooked?

My wife likes hers crispy, almost potato chip crispy.
I like mine done and chewy although once in a while crispy is good.

I'm going to have to go give Wirecutter a heads up, I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss this.


  1. Thanks, and there's a nice linkback over at my place.
    Sorry for slacking.
    BTW, I'm with you on how I like my bacon.

  2. Oh, definitely potato chip crispy.

  3. Chewy, but all fat must be cooked.
    Pathetically, I've broken teeth a couple times over the years on over cooked bacon!

  4. Glad ya'll reninded me the day ain't over yet - started with Canadian version dor breakfast, bacon burger for supper (at one of them fast food joints that isn't paying their workers 15 bucks an hour - yet) and now some bacon jerky for an evening snack. It don't get much better ;-)


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