Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remember This, Shit Rolls Down Hill

With the horror of the New Boston Massacre still fresh in our minds, be mindful that what happened yesterday was not only a giant security breach , it was a very public pantsing of the DHS and you can bet your ass they didn't appreciate it.

After the billions of dollars that have been pissed into the wind creating the largest government agency, second only to the Dept.of Defense, this country has ever seen it was plainly demonstrated yesterday that
there is no public place that can ever again be considered completely safe.

There were security measures and assets deployed to the point of saturation in Boston and yet some one or some ones, got by them and we have all seen the resulting blood bath.

You can now expect for them to ratchet  up the "security" tactics to a whole new level at this point.
The ripple effect of the surprise was quite evident yesterday right after the twin blasts when everyone and their brother went on high alert and started locking down high risk venues and deploying extra security measures clear across the country, all the way down to Dodger stadium in Los Angeles.

Really? Dodger stadium?

Not what I would consider to be a priority target but these days it seems one never knows.

The FBI and probably every other letter agency is now working full time trying to find out who is responsible for this senseless act and you can be sure that they have access to technology that would surprise you that they keep close to their vests.
There was immediate finger pointing yesterday of course but the fact is no one has stepped up to take responsibility for it yet so all we can do is try to sit back and wait for the investigation to start playing out at this point in time.

One thing you can take to the bank is that the government is damn sure not going to waste a good crisis so be prepared to see a whole new slew of DHS outrages coming your way.

Welcome to the New and Improved Amerika comrade.


  1. Ya mon - we've seen nothing yet.

  2. Well, let's see....
    1. Pressure cooker registration and background checks

    2. Ball-bearing registration

    3. Limits on size and number of nails you can buy

    etc, etc, etc

    I'm NOT trying to make light of this attack, just mentioning how the gubmint droids think.


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