Friday, August 4, 2017

Liberal Hemorrhoids Inflamed Anew Over Bruce Willis' Remake Of Classic Film Death Wish

These annoying cocksuckers are like mosquitoes buzzing you in the face constantly.

The first thing that occurred to me when I read all the hand wringing and virtue signaling from these panty waisted bitches was that in all likelihood, none of them had even been born yet when the original movie was released clear back in 1974.

When I did read all the negative items they had checked off as if by rote, it was indeed, a whole bunch of virtue signalling.












Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, we've seen it all before.
Too many fucking times.

The best one was from some little snowflake who likened it to porn for conservatives.

"Eli Roth's Death Wish remake is so nakedly fascist that alt-righters will have an erection before the trailer ends"

You need to get up off your knees long enough to go take a walk through Chicago's West Side at Midnight on a Friday night there Sunshine and do us all a favor by not coming back.
A little bleach in the gene pool once in a while isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It's called Entertainment you weak little man boys.

It's the same shit they have been peddling since, oh maybe, NINETEEN SEVENTY FOUR YOU FUCKING MORONS!

Jesus Christ on a cracker you people get butthurt over the stupidest shit at the drop of a hat anymore.

I'll tell you what here little man boys, I saw the original when it first came out, I have seen it several times since then and I didn't think it was that great of a movie.
I know, surprise eh?

But I am going to go see this movie whether or not you like it for several reasons.

Number one, I like Bruce Willis, OK?
The guy is a Mans Man and I like almost every movie that guy has ever been in.

Number two,

I would go beg for money on the street if I had to so I could get a ticket to go see this movie, just to put your little man boy panties in a twist, twice.

Even though I never really cared for the original that much, I'm sure it has been modernized with much better cinematography, special effects that are light years ahead of what they had back in '73 when it was originally filmed and far superior sound quality.
One of the reasons I didn't care for the original is that it was too damn dark in some scenes.

And number three?

Umm, yeah.
That should be self explanatory even to the queer boy members of your tribe.

One more item here, a bunch of the negativity in this little tempest in a tea pot is being directed at my man Bruce.

Before all you pussy motherfuckers jump up in unison chanting your bullshit mantra that he is a hedonistic, one dimensional character actor who has been pigeon holed into action packed shoot 'em up movies and otherwise has no redeeming qualities or talents, Ol' Uncle Phil is going to school your ignorant little asses.

I want you to shut the fuck up for a few minutes, sit the fuck down here and watch this,

Now run along and play kiddies, some of us have work to do.

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