Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trumps Twitter Attacks On "Fake News" Hitting The Target, Causing Widespread Butthurt And Sniveling.

I fucking LOVE it!

It's gotta be hitting home because there is all kinds of finger wagging and pooh poohing going on.

When the MSM hacks and their spineless fucking enablers are saying it's undignified, un-Presidential and " beneath the dignity of your office"
then you know damn good and well someone is having a hard time sitting down from all the butthurt.

In reply to that weak sauce,
Trump tweeted on Saturday that his use of social media “is not Presidential—it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!”

He also tweeted that “the FAKE & FRAUDLENT NEWS MEDIA is working hard to convince Republicans and others I should not use social media—but remember, I won….the 2016 election with interviews, speeches and social media. I had to beat #FakeNews, and did. We will continue to WIN!”

Apparently that was enough for some very serious finger wagging to be deployed as a counter to his exuberance.

I can't wait to see what's next, maybe some useless fucks writing a very stern letter to the editor or something...

The fact that the guy is fucking relentless is the part I like.
He don't give a flying fuck what anybody says about it, he is taking this shit show on the road and calling these fucking clowns out by name.

You don't like it?

Tough shit, you asked for it.
Now take your medicine you little bitches.

It's called a bully pulpit and the man damn well knows how to use it effectively.

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