Thursday, July 13, 2017

It Almost Makes Ya Miss K-Mart


  1. Such a classy place and such amazing people.

  2. I have been in a dozen Wally Marts across the country and yet to see a good fight. I must be going in at the wrong time or something. But on the bright side i have seen a lot of the very strange ones who look like they came from space so a least it hasn't been boring.

    1. It's the lizard people. Chew some bubblegum and kick some ass:)

  3. Those poor under-nourished African women. More snap's ya'll!

    It seems like each and every one of 'em costs us about 12K apiece, per year!

  4. Meanwhile, it was quite possible the shelves were being cleared of whatever their cohorts wanted to steal.

  5. Another fun day of "Guess the Race"

  6. Nope, I do not miss wally world. I haven't darkened the doorway of one in several years, and I ain't gonna start now.



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