Friday, June 2, 2017

Yay Me

Five years ago today I set the bottle down and walked away.

To say I was a raging alcoholic would be a major understatement.

One thing I can say is that there are still times when that little voice in my head tries a little sweet talking and I have to tell it to shut the fuck up.

That raging alcoholic asshole is only one drink away and I know it.

I'm still an asshole, I just don't drink.

Can't have everything now, can we?


  1. Congratulations; that took courage! Glad you are able to continue your day to day fight; too many fail in that.

  2. Congrats! Five years sober is a major accomplishment! Keep it up.

    I too, have been sober for a few years, the number is irrelevant here, and I'm still an asshole, but there have been some positive changes over the years.


    1. Yes, I much prefer the positive changes.

    2. I'm still trying to quit completely. I have toned my drinking WAY down in the last two years though. Four or five beers now. Used to be a 12 pack or more.
      Almost there.

  3. "The Phenomenon of Craving"

    It's a bitch ain't it?

    Good job staying off the sauce.


  4. Cheers to you, one of the most rational, like-minded assholes that I read.


  5. Good for you!!


  6. Yes alcohol does have a sweet sirens song for some. I am glad you learned to recognize its call for what it is. A lot of my friends were amazed that when i quit drinking that i remained an asshole.

  7. To look your demons in the eye and kick their ass, If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

    1. One thing that really helped me cut my drinking down was liquid kudzu extract. I would drink to moderation if I had taken some beforehand.
      It honest to G-d killed my desire to get blackout drunk.
      I don't know if that will help anyone.

      It didn't stop me, but it has sure helped.

  8. Good job!

    I've got 22 years and still hear that damn voice once in a while....

    1. Hold fast, but if you KNOW you are going to break, drink some liquid kudzu first.

  9. 9 years and counting here.
    Most everyone thinks I am an asshole too.
    Except super responsible people.
    They seem to understand where I am all about.
    Wal-Martians do not. LOL!

    Good job!


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