Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump Pulls U.S. Out Of Paris Climate Agreement

He touched on the massive legal obligations we would have been subjected to, the diminishing of American sovereignty, the fact that America would have been restricted and at a disadvantage to many other countries.

The need to put cities like Youngstown Ohio, Pittsburgh and Detroit plus numerous other U.S. cities, ahead of Paris.

His closing statement,

" It is time, to make America great again".

I fucking love it.

Now do something.

I am not some doe eyed Trump acolyte.

I want to see results.

Enough of the flowery rhetoric and patriotic speeches.

Put some motherfuckers back to work and get busy doing something about the shit wages everyone has been getting for the last twenty five years.

Then I will be able to point to something and say it's working.


  1. I read where Elon Musk had a big hissy fit saying he would resign from the White House councils he's on if President Trump did this.

    Now let's see Musk make good on his bitch fit....

  2. I heard today that the median income rose $1000 in the 8 years BO was in office.... It's up $1300 in the first 4 months on Trump.

    Almost a million new jobs since he took office, too. I like what I see so far.

  3. I'm still waiting for the Wall


  4. Yep - saying is okay, but its the deeds that really say you meant it. Radical thought - have some courses that teach high school students vocational skills like welding / electrician / construction skills that give the student a method to work RIGHT FROM GRADUATION ceremony to pull themselves up. Get some money saved for college OR continue to work the job - your choice. When you do decide to go to college, got some great real Life skills to work with.

    Who would teach these kids in high school ? I'll bet there would be more than a few retired workers who would not mind re-entering the job market for extra money. People who cut through the bull shit and teach the way to really get it done quickly and safely.

    This would also save the parents of these kids a ton of money who have to save for their kids college (if they can afford it). Let the kid pay for their own college - everyone wins. Well, the banker who makes the college loans lose out. I don't feel too bad for them.


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