Thursday, June 8, 2017

North Korea Fires More Rockets In Defiance Of Worlds Concerns

Still can't hit the side of a fucking barn yet.

They are only going to get to play this game so long before someone tells Kim to sit down and shut up.

Besides that, he keeps starving the people in his country to the point they have to eat grass to survive.

That is not bullshit.

Some glorious leader ya got over there kids.


  1. Let's be realistic. If the Norks or their army were going to do something about the little fat fuck they would have done so by now. They are TOTALLY cowed by Un and his
    personal henchmen. He can do whatever he wants and the people will roll over and take it quietly. If ANYONE in any position to threaten his power even squeaks wrong they get eliminated in some bizarre and spectacular fashion.

    Neither China nor Russia seriously want him under control. The current situation serves their needs well. With a nut job in control who is building weapons and making threats the US, Japan and S Korea must commit a HUGE amount​ of defense material and money in preparations to deal with Un if necessary. Those are resources that China and Russia would need to counter if Un wasn't making Waves. No.....the situation is EXACTLY what China and Russia wants and they aren't going to do jack shit about him.

    Either the west flaps it's gums till the Norks get warheads and missiles that work and we desire them after we've lost a few cities and bases (Pearl Harbor will be Un's number one target with others close behind) or we nail his ass proactive!y and risk WWIII. Either way we are going to be handed a big shit sandwich.

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