Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wild Pigs Kill 3 ISIS Jihadists In Iraq

Looks like pigs hate them Musloids as much as the Musloids hate pigs.

That's what ya get fer hatin' on the bacon.

I say drop ten thousand of the damned things over there then.
Give 'em a shot of rabies on the way out the door first just to make sure.


  1. Or make it public knowledge that all ISIS / AL QUAIDA bodies / body parts shall be fed to hogs, so they know their next view of this world is through the butt hole of a pig. That ought to make them think twice.

  2. Nobody hunts and eats them over there so they get very bold indeed. The pigs,that is, not the terrorists. Everyone is hunting terrorists.

  3. Pigs are incredibly intelligent. I say we capture, train, and release them. We can call them Squeal Team 6.


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