Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trump Administration Hammering "Sanctuary Cities" Left And Right

I saw this move coming months ago.
These fucking Mayors seem to think they are pretty big fish in a little pond.

What was that, you wanted some Federal money for your infrastructure?
How about no, does that work for you?
Do we have your attention now?

You can either quit harboring people who are in this country illegally and keep getting some of that sweet Federal money or you can try and keep them and fuck the fuck off.

Your choice there pal.


  1. hooray!
    what really peeves me is that there are hundreds of legitimate people who have jumped through all the hoops and hope to bring in their spouses, but who are being stepped over by illegals.
    also, i hear the illegals are given voting rights!! and medicare cards when the americans who pay taxes cannot get any health care.

  2. See how brown likes the taste of a Shit Sandwich

  3. wonder if the dears be rioting when "no" sinks in their tiny minds..

    lock and load time



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