Monday, April 10, 2017

Harbor Freight Coupon Cheat Sheet Page

I know, I know.
Sometimes one can find a deal on something that isn't a complete piece of junk there though.
I stumbled on this site by watching some Youtube video.
It has every single current Harbor Freight coupon on it and it is searchable too.
Most of the time you don't even have to print them out, I just show it to them on my phone and as long as they can read and punch in the numbers you are good to go.
All the free stuff is there plus those ever handy 20% and 25% off coupons, with their expiration dates.
I spend way too much money at that place as it is so being able to just whip out a 25% coupon for something will make a difference.

Here is the link,

Harbor Freight Coupon Page.

You can curse my name later.


  1. HF has a store less than 2 miles from me, so they're really convenient. We've got four or five of their "Free with coupon" flashlights, area lights, tape measures and stuff like that around here. Their boxes of chip brushes, made with real bristles (horse hair?), are great for the price.

    I used to hear that anything from Horrible Freight was probably OK if it didn't have a motor or have a cutting edge. If you're going to use a tool that could kill you if it broke, use someone else's. I have a flow chart around here that has that. Then I got an HF angle grinder with the idea that it only has to work once. Turns out, it's a decent little grinder. Yeah, I have some Allan wrenches that aren't hardened and can be bent by hand, but I think HF is getting better.

  2. HF has some pretty good things that I purchase from time to time, like their kitchen shears for 99 cents, or long scissors witha 14" blase for $2.99. Andas a woodworker, I get my glue brushes (those little ones with the rolled metal handles that are 36 for $3.99, less than half the price at any hardware or woodworker store. But, I would never buy any power tool there that is labeled Chicago Electric, regardless of the price. It is just plain junk, in my never humble opinion.
    BTW, I go to the same HF that the Vulgar Curmudgeon goes to. It's about 3 miles from me house in Vancouver USA.

  3. I have three of the little cheap grinders , I pick 'em up when they are on sale for ten bucks with a coupon. The secret to keeping the little buggers working is to take the head apart and put some real grease in their for the gears.
    I also got a little 3 inch bench grinder and changed the wheels to grind cutting bits on, works great. I got the little disc/belt grinder and a one inch belt grinder.
    You have to inspect the hell out of everything you get from them because whoever their shipping outfit is is staffed by a bunch of raging neanderthals. it is rare to find one of their boxes that has not been torn to shreds with parts falling out. Some things aren't worth the materials they are made out of but once in a while you find something useful that actually works.
    Like Graybeard says, anything with a cutting edge is automatically suspect. Stuff with motors have been getting better over the years, it's their cheap ass fasteners that I find most of my issues with.

  4. "take the head apart and put some real grease in their for the gears."

    First cup of coffee still.


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