Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Playing The Game

After 8 years of Liberals Gone Wild, people with more conservative views are showing signs of cautious optimism that maybe saner times are just ahead.

Wishful thinking at best the way I see things.

The liberals have taken one hell of a beating here lately but nothing remotely fatal has even come close enough to cause even one of them to stop and take a look around to see the incoming fire.
They instead have doubled and tripled down and at times have come completely unhinged in their lust for power and their unyielding quest to force their worldview and subsequent rules down every living beings throat.

They are currently regrouping and hatching their plans to storm the castle yet again at the first opportunity.

Politically they are playing the usual obstruct, delay and counter strike game they traditionally do when not in the majority.
Same shit, different year, no surprise there.

Meanwhile, those on the right are virtue signaling each other while accomplishing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

At one time I was very much a political junkie.
I could tell you what was going on in obscure Senate races in states no one really gave a shit about and who was sponsoring bills that should never seen the light of day in places clear across the country.

People like Mitch McConnell and John McCain were always among my favorite people to hate on not only because I was a life long registered Democrat at the time but because I could see that they were sell outs of the highest order.
Bought and paid for.
Back then my most favorite asshole to vilify was the one and only Supreme Weasel, one Joe Lieberman.

I hate that rotten fucking bastard to this day, may the pubic lice of a thousand syphilitic whores infest his taint tomorrow.

After a few years of intense observation of just who was fucking us over on a regular basis it become quite plain that it was ALL OF THEM!

Just about the time you thought maybe there was one that was actually trying to do the right thing they would turn around and shit all over the blankets.

Republican, Democrat, Independent, it didn't fucking matter, someone had them in their pocket.

I pretty much gave up on the whole show because that's all politics is in this country, bread and circuses for the masses.
Weapons of Mass Distraction.

This epiphany caused the scales to fall from my eyes and I slowly at first, renounced my support of the Democratic party completely.

Seeing Dianne Feinstein and that asswipe Chuck Schumer sell my second amendment protections down the river on a non stop basis basically pissed me the fuck off. Lieberman didn't limit himself to the second amendment trivialities, he sold us out wholesale quisling style.

This conversion on my part didn't happen over night, it actually took about six years to crystalize but I have been an independent individual since childhood and saw the difference between do as I say and not as I do when I was very young.

So several years ago I quit drinking heavily one day cold turkey and lo and behold some things I had been feeling but ignoring came roaring to front and center, shortly after the hangover to end all hangovers finally subsided.

Cut to the current set of circumstances and the state of things in this day and age.

As I see it, we are currently fighting two civil wars right now, today.
Not warming up to them, battles have been going on for some time now.

On one side we have the United States Government being used by the Deep State to wage war on it's own citizens.
Deny it all you want, that is a reality.

On the other side we have the Left VS the Right and with that comes rising rates of violence and actual blood shed that is eventually going to present us with an incident complete with mass casualties.
You can take that to the bank, it's going to happen eventually.

So The Game I am referring to in the title of this post is the one we are all caught up in at the moment.
It doesn't matter which side your allegiances lie, it is a three way war, right here and right now.

The rules of engagement seem to be a bit fluid at the moment but some of that can be attributed to the Left testing the boundaries.
There is a line and they are going to cross it.
That's when you will need to be on top of your game.

Stay the hell away from crowds.
Stockpile the things you need to survive.
Make sure you can defend yourself and your family.
Find and cultivate ties with like minded people.

Most important of all at this point and time, be the Grey Man.

Nails that stick up the highest are the ones that get driven in the deepest

Keep a low profile but keep your eyes and ears open.

Just like rust never sleeps, our government is hell bent on turning this country into a Totalitarian State and the Left are the useful idiots helping them.
They just have the mistaken notion that they are actually the ones calling the shots.

The Deep State is tickled pink to let them just keep thinking that too.

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