Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More Desperation From The Left

My God, the hilarity.
Sitting here watching the local news just now they had a piece trying to float the idea of, get this, Oprah Winfrey running for President.


At the end they pointed out that she said she has no plans to run.

Except maybe to the fridge I'm thinking.

Fuckin' comedy.

These people are still going through the stages of grief and have gotten to the bargaining stage.

They can suck my dick.


  1. Conan knows his shit.

  2. The Left pulls out a potential canidate every day from out of nowhere. They can't push one of their present candidates - they have proven to be out of touch with the American voter. Unless (until ?) Trump truly f's up, they will continue to do the same.

    MSM / Yahoo news already has a story - FORGET TRUMPS SPEECH - LOOK AT HIS BUDGET yada yada. The first part is the real story they want - for Americans to forget the speech. Because HIRE AMERICAN - BUY AMERICAN is not what they want us to do.

  3. Next thing you know, Kanye West or one of the Beverley Hoe Billy Kardashians will put put up as a presidential contender. Cause if they learned anything from Trump, it has to be an entertainer. No brain required - the media and deep state already has the agenda written out.


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