Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's Kinda Like That

This causes me the urge to get off my dead ass and get something done while it ain't raining for once.
Changed the oil in the Caballero which was wayyyy the fuck overdue, cleaned all the crap out of it and found out something is leaking water like a bitch inside.
I'm guessing somewhere around the back window, all my road emergency shit behind the drivers seat was either soaking ass wet , moldy or both.
I dug out the vacuum cleaner and did the carpeting. I just drive the damn thing most of the time, it's my get to work and run around town kinda car.
Took the Sprite out and went to Horror Freight and got a cheap plastic tool box to throw all my crap in so it doesn't get soaked again and sat down here for a minute to take a break.
I got a little off hand compliment on the Sprite when I came out of HF, there was a guy leaning up against the fender with his hand having his buddy take his picture with it.
You just don't see those little fuckers hardly at all anymore and people get a kick out of how little the thing is I think.

Anyways, I still have shit to do and will be back later to put my feet up for the day.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, a beautiful day here in SoCal.

    And I did nothing but sit outside, read, and enjoy the weather!


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