Friday, February 24, 2017


Back to the salt mines already. Here's a little cutie for ya.


  1. At my age, that would probably kill me.....

    1. But a shit eating grin would be forever set by rigor-mortise on your puss...

    2. Yeah, brings to mind the old joke about "coming and going at the same time"!

    3. Hi fellow curmudgeon,
      I really like your blog. I also live in the people's communist state of Portland. If it wasn't for the one or two anchors I would've been gone a long time ago.
      However, I've run past this post for the last couple of days (I often use your sidebar for links) and I felt I have to say it... "this is border-line jail bait, I just lookin' at it makes me a little ashamed." Don't get me wrong, I like pretty women mostly naked. But women, not girls. As I've always said about the muzlems and their 72 virgins idea... to heck with that just give me two ole' whores who know what they're doing!

    4. Yeah, I normally try to stay away from the ones that look too damned young. I was in a bit of a rush that day and hadn't gone through my file to purge all the one I have already used so that I wasn't putting up duplicates.

      Thanks for stopping in and I'll get that file cleaned out and refilled with some more age appropriate material.


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