Saturday, February 11, 2017

1.5 Million Hits !!

Some time early this morning while I am passed out from exhaustion, someone is going to be, The One.

It boggles my mind. Wow.

Words are pretty much inadequate so I am going to shut my pie hole after saying one more thing.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my little black heart.


  1. Confronting our culture with wit and humor.
    Well deserved and congratulations!

  2. Must be all that cuddlyness and pleasant disposition you possess.
    On to 2 mill.

  3. It is your keen wit, your biting repertoire and your smug "I don't give a fluck" That brings me back. Keep it up and get nasty!

    1. P.S. I really don't understand your header picture, it is macabre and disturbing to say at the least...

    2. It represents my Irish heritage.
      It's a Banshee from Irish lore, something I stumbled on while traipsing through the internets and it struck my fancy.

      I can do macabre.

  4. I too have an "Irish" heritage, Mom being a Thompson from the Pittsburgh area and I am familiar with the Banshee lore. I didn't make the connection. I should have with the symbols on the man's overcoat... now that I look closer.

    1. In some parts of Leinster, she is referred to as the bean chaointe (keening woman) whose wail can be so piercing that it shatters glass.

      I worked with a bunch of those in the Valspar Tech Center in Pittsburgh. Most of them got promoted to group leaders or lab managers just to shut them up. Didn't work very well, though. The screeching only diminishes for a short time and then starts again even louder. That's one of the reasons that I retired early...........

  5. banshees are ill tempered with red hair



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