Thursday, January 19, 2017

We Have Had This Capability For Years

I'm thinking as soon as Mad Dog Mattis takes over the Defense Department that we will be seeing more of this too.

I certainly fucking hope so anyway.

B-2 bombers kill nearly 100 ISIS terrorists in Libya

A pair of B-2 "stealth" bombers blasted two ISIS training camps in Libya on Wednesday evening, dropping 108 precision-guided bombs and sending jihadists scattering -- many of whom were then "cleaned up" by drone-launched hellfire missiles, U.S. defense officials told Fox News.
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The assault killed an estimated 85 terrorists at the camps, which were about 30 miles southwest of the Libyan coastal city of Sirte. Many of the fighters were "actively plotting operations in Europe," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said at a news conference Thursday.
President Obama authorized the action. Most of the terrorists targeted had escaped Sirte after extensive military actions there.
U.S. drones "cleaned up" the operation by launching hellfire missiles that killed a several of ISIS fighters trying to run to safety.


  1. Close our borders, start deportations, bring our troops home and quit wasting tax money killing people on the other side of the world. That was at least 3 million dollars spent killing goat herders in a nation that is no where near our borders.

  2. 3 million bucks.
    A weekend vacation for Obama.

    Our government blows 3 million bucks in about .0005 seconds.

    I do agree with your sentiments though.
    What the fuck are we doing over there in the first place other than out of control hegemony, keeping the military industrial complex happy and trying to fuck people out of the oil under their feet?

  3. killing off his usefull tools



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