Sunday, January 8, 2017

This Is Going To Be Ugly

The Winter Wonderland Express is about to hit here.
It snowed some yesterday, a bit earlier again today then warmed up.
Everything melted and right now it is raining hard.

It's supposed to freeze up.

Freezing rain and ice, everywhere.

I see a repeat coming.


  1. I was supposed to go up that way last week.. NOPE!
    It got over 50 on the coast today. Yaquina Bay, soggy as heck but sorta warm. Saw the crabbers heading out Friday PM. Grandson might actually make some money soon!

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  3. I was out your way back in the mid 2000's visiting a college friend.

    He lives in Vancouver. I toured the Columbia River and we went up to visit Mt St Helens, which was quite surreal to say the least. One night we hit some brew pubs in Portland.

    I think he is in the Felida area? Not sure. I haven't talked to him in a while.

    Stay safe in the bad weather Phil.

  4. was that you again?


  5. Guess nobody knows about studded snow tires out there.


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