Friday, January 6, 2017

I Think I Woke Up In Minny Soda

It must be because it's only 18 motherfucking degrees outside.

Somebody slap Al Gore for me.

The only saving grace is that there is no wind at the moment and the skies are clear.

Come Saturday that is supposed to change and it's Round 2 with the ice skating rink shit.

What the fuck is up with that shit anyways?
This is the Pacific Northwest people!
It's supposed to be moderate temperatures and lots of fucking rain, not ice storms and freezing fucking cold bullshit.



  1. and with your flu only makes it worse

    poor human!


  2. 18 degrees? You must be somewhere warm. It's minus damn 12 here.

  3. 13 degrees this morning. Brrrrrr...

  4. Yesterday morn it was -8, this morning it was 0.

    Making me think that I am back living in Wyoming.


  5. The high for the day was -9f here. Northern MN


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