Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello My Old Friend


There is some kind of plague getting passed around at work, half of the crew are sick in varying degrees.
I know where I got it, one of my co workers had it bad and now the other guy and me both have the shit.

From what I am hearing, it lingers on and on and on too.

Fuckin' great.
I'm just getting over my back strain and I started feeling this crap coming on all night Tuesday. Massive head congestion for starters and then straight to the chest. It never fails.

I went to bed early, woke up a 4:30 in the morning and went straight for the Nyquil.
I was out until 11:30 then woke up with a case of the screaming shits.

Took care of that and went right back to sleep until my wife woke me up at 1:30 asking me if I was going to work.

Drug my sorry ass to work to find the place full of sick people.
I swear the joint is like a Daycare center. Walking petri dishes everywhere.

All 3 of us on Swing have this crap and all 3 of us drug ass all day.
I just got home a few minutes ago and already have the bottle sitting right next to me.

The first thing I do whenever I open up a bottle of this stuff is to throw that stupid little plastic measuring cap away.
When I am sick enough to get the Nyquil out I'm not messing around.
Two good mouthfulls straight up generally does the trick.

It doesn't take too long and pretty soon all the background noises get muted and then the lights start getting dim.
A minute or two after that and it's lights out and Z city.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Hopefully some serious sleep will help with this, even if it doesn't help a whole lot, at least I won't be conscious and suffering.

Win win in my book.

In the mean time, nighty nite kids.


  1. I got it just before Christmas. Still lingering. I'm a miserable bastard when I get sick. Just want to be left alone.

  2. Nightime formula works great on stopping symptoms, but man do I get zonked out. Sorry to hear you are fighting the crud, hope you get over it soon. Sucks to be sick, the only thing worse is sick during the summer, I HATE THAT !

  3. It lingers on and on. Right now I feel pretty good, but a blast of cold air sends me into coughing fits. Can't do a thing outside without coughing hard enough to throw up. Takes about an hour to clear my head each morning too. Yuck. Finally got 7 hours sleep in a row, so that's a help.

  4. Love the old standby of Nyquil at nite but before work take alka seltzer cold and flu. 2 old brands that still do their job.

  5. Got it too! Just like an unwelcomed guest it will not go away!!


  6. rum and pepper with twist of fresh lemon

    sleep well



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