Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All The Local News Channels Are Deliriously Happy,It's 24/7 OMG Snow!

Holy fuck.
They have preempted every show on every channel and have their stupid reporters wandering the streets all over the area like locusts interviewing the local idiots and pointing out the blatantly obvious.
There is sheet metal carnage all over the place and more of this white shit to come.

"STORM TRACKER WEATHER ALERT" kinda shit on every local channel.
OMG It's Snowmageddon! "Historic Snowfall"!

You would think no one has ever seen this strange white substance falling from the sky and they have every motherfucking state highway moron they can get a hold of on the phone yakking about tire chains and stupid drivers.

Traffic is fucked, there are abandoned cars everywhere, everything is closed. chains are required on all the major highways and there are more fucking idiots employed by these local news channels than you can shake a stick at.

In other words,

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

When I woke up I stuck my head out back to check my local weather station and was greeted with this,

I'm gonna get something to eat, dig out my cold weather gear, make sure I am gassed up and go to work as usual.
I only hope I can avoid as many of these morons that don't know how to drive on this shit as possible.

From out the front door,

Have a pleasant day.


  1. Do they act like this:

    out your way?

    Stay safe Phil :)

  2. By the thousands it appears.
    That was funny shit.

    1. Same here. Although , as you saw, we are having some nice weather. I saw motorcycles out during my lunch run.

  3. how is your cold/flu?

    have you recovered?


    1. I got lucky and didn't get it bad like most of the people I know who got it.
      My brother and his G/F both wound up with pneumonia.


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