Sunday, December 4, 2016


You know, same ol' same ol'.
I spent a few hours yesterday helping some friends move, the poor guy is laid up and can't put any weight on his foot.
It killed him but he sent out an email blast looking for some help and a whole bunch of people showed up.
That was nice.
As usual though, I keep forgetting that every time I look in the mirror I see my Grandfather peering back at me so I over did it a bit.
My lower back was killing me after a few hours and it got so bad I started limping, trying to keep the weight off my right leg.
I finally begged off after the big loads got handled while there were still several people around to finish up.
I hope.
There was a lot of stuff there.
Because I am an idiot sometimes and always a glutton for punishment, after I put my feet up for about an hour it took the pressure off the nerves in my lower back so I got up and went over to a buddy from works place about a mile from here and loaded up a vintage table saw.
More fucking pain right away, the damn thing has a huge fucking electric motor hanging off the back side that runs a belt.
I shot the shit with him for a while then came home, grabbed the kid and unloaded the heavy fucker onto a four wheel moving cart so I could get it in the garage.

I fucked with it for just a little while looking it over then bagged it and came in the house and put my damn feet up again.
I sat here for a while then went back out in the garage to get some numbers off the vintage lawn mower I tore into last weekend.
I'm not having any luck on the Briggs and Stratton website identifying the engine because it's so old and I need to fix the vintage mower so I can get it out of the way to make room to get the vintage walk behind tractor in.

Starting to see a pattern here?

I love old machinery.

So I have all that shit going on and I finally just fell asleep in my recliner late last night because I was exhausted.

I got woke up this morning by the phone.



Fuck me runnin'.

So I had to get up and go in there for four fucking hours this morning.

Right this minute I am watching the Raiders and the Bills game, the Raiders just this second scored a touchdown to go ahead after being behind most of the game.

Then I am going back out in the garage when this is over.

So now you know why no new posts most of the weekend, SNAFU, busy as hell and not much really getting accomplished.


  1. old machines + vintage + Wirecutter = an old mess repairing old mess

    you need either a tuneup or have your brain installed in your kid


  2. If your luck holds your landlord will be evicting you and everything will have to be moved again.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I feel terrible for you, buddy. I know how you feel. I usually lie down with a good heating pad after lots of good liquor.

    You're a mensch!

    You don't know why my 1989 Toyota Cressida is blowing black smoke under my hood do you?


    It's okay. No one here does either.

    It's a tough world out here for us old guys trying to keep our mechanical babies working.

    Love you!

  5. Don't bother trying to fix old small gas engines, especially if there is any pain in the ass factor (such not being able to find ID numbers). It's just not worth it. Just check craigslist for cheap, used garden tractors with similar sized engines. You can often score used machines with more modern (overhead valve, electric start) engines for a couple hundred bucks, and you end up with the machine you swapped the motor into, being much more convenient, powerful, and reliable than it was when it was new.

    Think of it as applying hot rod theory (small block Chevy in a deuce coop) to lawn and garden equipment. I do this all the time with fantastic (and economical) results.


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