Friday, December 2, 2016

One Of Those Moments When You Really Want To Slap A Kids Mother, Hard

She is damn lucky that wasn't me.
The kid would be on his ass wondering what the fuck just happened and I would be in her face yelling at her at the top of my lungs to teach the little fucking bastard some manners.


  1. I don't know what they poured on the kids head, but good shot. This is the shit we get when the parents were raised where everyone gets a trophy. I don't believe in beating kids as in abuse, but a good ass whoopin never killed any one. My Dad whooped my ass one time. I was 12. And in the nearly 50 years since 2 things have happened. I still remember that ass whoopin like it was yesterday and I've never done anything that stupid since.

  2. mother then kid needed to be ass whooped

    another nail in this civilizations "dirt box" (coffin) on tape

    maybe two nails; mother and offspring


  3. I've offered to show a kid how an anchor works . . .asked another one if he wanted to go for a ride in the microwave.


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