Friday, December 16, 2016

It Was the Russians!

So according to President Obama the Russians are behind some of the election hacking issues and we are going to retaliate somehow sometime somewhere. Funny he doesn't mention the massive voter fraud that's been uncovered so far in Michigan Detroit and several other places. The Russians must have been pretty busy. A little over a month left of this lying sack of weasel shit, . Hurry up and get the fuck out before you start something that somebody else is going to have to finish.


  1. Mr. Trump should probably have the White House fumigated before he moves in!

  2. at least stupid is consistent in his final thinking....


  3. Thanks for sending me down the brietbart rabbit hole asshole.

  4. He also conveniently forgets his own efforts to sway elections in Kenya, Egypt, Great Britain and numerous other countries. In fact, the U.S. government (even before Obama) has spent more money on foreign elections than on our own. In this world, ALL governments, if they have the money, try to influence elections in other countries.


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