Sunday, December 18, 2016

And This Willfully Ignorant Motherfucker Is A Multi Millionaire How?

Rap music.
He is a role model for millions of kids.
Dumb as a fucking fence post and filthy rich.

My Mother taught me how to read before I even started school.
The best gift a Mother could give her child in my opinion.
I may not be financially rich but my mind and my life are richer than this punk ass could ever conceive because being able to read and use your imagination for simple pleasure is something he will never be able to do.

Find someone who can describe this scene with the written word and then pity that guy above for what he will never experience.


  1. because this nation pays well for stupity...

    just look at your current leaders


  2. as for the mind blowing flowing babbling brook all the water eventually to the majic seas...

    good enuff?


  3. Look what spawned him. A supposed college professor mother who couldn't even spell Kenny right................................

  4. Dang! The schools couldn't teach me to read. One summer my mother taught me to read every morning. My reading level jumped 5 grades that summer. Best gift she ever gave me.

  5. 50 cent once ordered grapefruit juice and got mad because it wasn't purple. "Grape" fruit. We're Screwed when we hit the using a walker age.


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