Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Heat Is Going To Be Intense

The butturt over Trump talking shit about women when he thought he was having a private conversation eleven fucking years ago has caused me no end of mirth.
Fucking people all twisted into politically correct knots everywhere.

Let me tell you something.

If you are a guy and you can honestly tell me that you have NEVER, EVER, talked shit about women like that with other guys then these are for you.

Take this out of your wallet and throw it in one immediately.

Now hike up your skirt and get your Nancy ass the fuck away from me.



    how about anything recent?

    naw, just stuff already long gone panics the sheep

    wonder what next rots their brains


  2. some folks just waiting for something to jump on and others out digging shit up.
    I don't care much for Trump but he sure has the elite's skivvies in a bunch.

  3. Also some old stuff, Wildflower, but here's slick willie groping a woman on a plane.

  4. While what Trump said is offensive to some (especially the self-righteous assholes on both sides), it was said long before He decided to run for President. And, to me at least, that makes his comments completely irrelevant today. I would defy any of Trump's critics to tell me that they have never said something offensive to or about women. As far as that goes, Hil-LIAR-y is known for her throwing things and her tirades against Ol' BJ while they were infesting the White House.
    as much of an agnostic as I am, there is a line in the Old Testament, when Daniel was about to be stoned for some minor thing he did or said, Daniel said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". All those self righteous assholes left him alone.
    But that was then. This is now. There are so many self-righteous assholes that are after Trump, that are too many to count.
    I hope this flap will not affect Trump's chances next month and get Hil-LIAR-y get elected. Also, the "Never Trump" gang of RINOs would do well to think about the consequences that will happen if Hil-KIAR-y does get elected. Then we would be compelled to live under her dictatorship, as the Russians were under Catherine the Great, Or Ivan the Terrible. And that is to say nothing about the certain infestation of the ISIS assholes into our country under a Hil-LIAR-y dictator ship.


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