Friday, October 7, 2016

President Obama is now taking credit for creating 15 million jobs. In 8 Years? Pathetic.

So the official Unemployment rate is now about 5% which is a complete bullshit lie.
There are literally millions of working age males alone in this country who have given up looking for work and are not being counted in that number.
15 million jobs in 8 years is also a fudged number, you can guarantee it.

The last jobs report showed less than 200,000 jobs being reported and it has been like that since Obama took office.

This country has never recovered from the Great Recession of 2008 and it is looking like that was a nice picnic by the lake compared to what is coming.

Facts are facts, Obama's record on job creation looks like shit no matter how hard they are going to try and polish that turd.


  1. lot of others work "under the table" just to survive

    and many others are at wits end coping

    for a leader same shade of a turd


  2. Yet, the Liberals still love this guy. Emotional driven, Leprechaun seeking, Unicorn believing, Brooklyn Bridge Buying DOPES. Alas, they number in the millions!

  3. 15 million over 8 years is 156000/month. IIRC 200,000-250,000 is considered break-even, so 156k is losing jobs which is borne out by the job participation rate.


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