She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary's Aides Had Classified Info On Their Laptops Too

The Feeb's gave them immunity from prosecution and then didn't charge Hillary with anything even after they found this out.
She's just, "careless".

I did like what the Chairman of the House Judiciary,Bob Goodlatte, R-Va told that sellout Comey though,

"It seems clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies involving the passing of classified information through her private email server. The FBI, however, declined to refer the case for prosecution on some very questionable bases," Goodlatte said Wednesday. "We, as Congress and the American people, are troubled how such gross negligence is not punished."

I'm not so sure, troubled is the word I would have used.
Furious is more like it.


  1. If it had been you or I, we'd never get out of jail. It must be nice to be one of the protected class.

  2. In this case, gross negligence isn't a crime. The FBI couldn't proceed with prosecution because of one simple thing: No evidence of criminal intent.

  3. "monkee see, monkee do"



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