Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bring On The Pain

I have a two hour dentist appointment here in a few for a deep cleaning.
You haven't lived until you have had that shit done.
I have literally had root canals done that didn't hurt as much as that shit after they get done poking, prodding, scraping and chipping away.
It just makes your whole mouth flare up in pain just as soon as the novacain wears off. That usually happens about twenty minutes after you leave.

I swear they know just how much to shoot ya up with so that you get at least ten miles away from their asses before that shit wears off so that the urge to strangle someone is overwhelmed by the urge to just get home and find some kind of relief.

Of course they don't give you anything for pain so the plan is, get my narrow ass home ASAP, wait for that stuff to wear off and then see how bad it is. If it gets to be too damn miserable then I am going to go take a huge slug of Nyquil and just knock myself the fuck out.I had to work late again last night and then get up early to go help someone out to finish what I was doing last week so I'm fucking tired already as it is, at least I was smart enough to take the day off. I've had maybe five and a half hours of sleep.
They are supposed to finish up with their torture just about the time I was supposed to start work and I said fuck that noise, I'm not going to try and go to work and spit blood all night while my whole face is pounding in pain.

This is just the warm up too, they said that there are a couple of back teeth that need to go, on top of the one in front that broke off, the fake tooth right next to it that snapped in half and a few thousand bucks worth of implants and other shit they want to do.
I hate dentists with a white hot passion but they are a necessary evil I suppose.

So now that I am done whining and bitching for the moment, take a peek at this video, I get the biggest kick out of it and I thought it was spot on, the name of the band is Pain and the lyrics are wipe your own ass and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


Want to see a dentist's wet dream?

Notice the pins up top, the one in the middle broken clear off, it looks to me like another one in front is broken too. Told ya I have had some teeth knocked out of my head. They had to put posts in the broken teeth and then put crowns on them. The fake tooth in the front on top is the results of that tooth getting broken off twice and now even the crown has broken in half.
See the bottom molars look like they are tilted forward?
I had to have the teeth right in front of them yanked years ago because they were squeezed so bad that they grew in sideways.
Massive fillings and the crowns are the cherries on top.

I don't like dentists for a reason, several actually.

Right now I am waiting for the novacain to wear off, they only did one side of my mouth today so I have to go back in a month for the other half to get done.
Sadistic bastards like to deliver the pain in installments.

Update 2
Oh yeah baby, the novacain is starting to wear off and my gums are already throbbing like a sick chickens ass.



  1. some dentists like to see their prey squirm

    then scream when they get billed

    ever try rum to kill pain?


  2. Rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila, I tried them all in excess for over thirty years. I found that they wind up bringing more pain in the long run and gave 'em up.

    It's still tempting but no thanks.

  3. Damn dude, my condolences for what you are going through. I may need to go through the deep cleaning procedure myself, or so sez the dental surgeon that recently pulled a rear tooth. He did say that with a smile, much like the 'Running Man' (Is It Safe?) ex-Nazi movie character.


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