Monday, August 22, 2016

Made It There AND Back

Without any problems. I think that is one of the few times since I got this little fucker back in '88 that has happened.


  1. I have to commend you for your dedication,but your sanity,maybe not so much! My experience with any british cars has not been good.Had it been my car,I'd keep the body and toss in a japanese 4cyl or a buick V6.Heck,maybe a pinto drivetrain!Maybe next week when it breaks down,you can consider that!

    1. I have been crazy for years, this thing turned into a personal challenge a long Fuckin time ago, I don't like to lose either.

  2. Well done!

    I'm currently going through the "Replace all the worn out front suspension parts" routine with my 1985 Supra so I can have her ready in time to make the "Supras in Vegas" show in late September.

  3. Congratulations, sincerely. That truly IS an accomplishment. I used to feel the same way driving my 1963 SAAB 95 from Vermont to Philadelphia and back. These days, I think I'd just turn the spare gas can over on it, strike a match and walk away.

  4. Buddy of mine loved little Brit cars because he enjoyed always having something to fix. Guy was a nut.


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