Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Comcast Finally Gets To Be On The Receiving End

Because I know for a fact that they troll the Blogosphere let me just say this up front,
It's about time.

Comcast Hit With $100M “Deceptive Practices” Lawsuit By Washington State AG

Filed in state court in the Evergreen State after negotiations with Comcast broke down in July, the complaint (read it here) seeks injunctive and other relief. “Comcast has violated Washington’s Consumer Protection Act over 1.8 million times through unfair and deceptive acts and practices relating to its Service Protection Plan, service call fees it charges consumers, and deposits it obtained from consumers,” the suit says.

“Comcast grossly misrepresented the SPP to consumers to induce them to purchase the SPP.” says the 17-page complaint filed Monday morning, claiming over $70 million in improper fees being collected in the state for the nationwide plan.


Up until very recently this year, aka “the eve of litigation,” the AG claims that Comcast “grossly misrepresented” its protection plan to more than 400,000 consumers in the state. That misrepresentation resulted in “deceiving them into paying at least $73 million in subscription fees over the last five years for a near-worthless” service. While the protection plan promised in sales calls and more that it would eliminate any additional fees for “inside wiring” service calls, improper service calls fix codes and more, the fine print of the roughly $60-a-year plan and the charges consumers paid out revealed that was not the case.

Along with seeking the return of about $73 million in fees, the Washington action wants to see the company pay out more than $2,000 per violation of the Consumer Protection Act as well as other restitution and a clarification by Comcast on what services its plans truly offer. Additionally, more than 6,000 unnecessary credit checks were done by Comcast, says the AG, even in some cases where new customers already had paid a deposit to avoid such a check, which can affect credit rating. Ferguson said today that the investigation into the matter started more than a year ago, after an employee of the AG’s office had an unwelcome credit check, but more complaints soon followed.

They have a virtual monopoly around here and I have had to deal with them before after they jerked my wife around and pissed me off.
Trust me when I say that I know how to get peoples attention on the telephone.
Especially people who think they can play fucky fuck games. You REALLY don't want me to come down to your office either.

So Comcast is finally going to get some of the fucking that they have been handing out.
My heart bleeds purple piss and peanut butter for them.


  1. That's why I like my local small carrier.

    I'm a big fan of dealing with anyone that has a local office. I don't have to be rude, but just the presence of a big guy who will not leave tends to get things done.

  2. they promise you the moon for your hard earned money

    then they forget and pocket the cash

    seen so many times because people don't demand a signed contract on real paper

    and the con game goes on...



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