Gas It

Gas It

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Something To Really Think About, Hard

Karl Denninger's site is going dark, go read why and see if you don't find yourself nodding in agreement the whole time you are reading it.

I can distill it for you.

The Rule of Law is dead in this country.

That leaves only the Law of the Jungle.

Your teeth aren't big enough nor your claws sharp enough.

It is time to take care of you and your own like no one has seen in this country for 250 years.


  1. expect more darkening of sites- either giving up in disgust or finally being 'neutralized' by the new nazis.

  2. it is a new world of nightmares waking up


  3. Hi Phil,
    'Skipped over to Karl's and started reading.....'didn't have to get very far!! The trip about Han Solo and the "First use of Force!!' was very good and as noted that because of fan-outrage, put back into the movie!! 'Thing about it is if Han had no alternative, his opponent already had his piece drawn, cocked, ready and was just toying with him before he shot him!! I have only one answer to this predicament!!!! It is "Short, Sweet and to the Point!!!" Eli's words at the end say it all!!........ .....
    PS let me know what ya think!!
    Got GUNZ......OUTLAW!!!!!,

    1. Time for talking is over, they had their chances.


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