Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Brief Message To The GOP Elite Strategists

Ya fucked around and found out, didn't ya?

Your dreams of Rat Fucking Trump with a contested convention just went up in smoke.

My message?

Eat a bag of dicks on your way out.


  1. Concise, to the point, not bad. :-)

  2. What are you feeling Phil? :)
    I am for Trump because I don't believe anything he says.

    I am scared of Hillary because I believe EVERY word she says.

  3. Trump has effectively brought charlatanism and hucksterism to a new low in America. He is nothing more than a modern-day carnival barker, or a patent medicine snake-oil salesman, trying to make us believe he is some sort of politician. That said, in November, I will get a very firm step-over toe hold on my nose and vote for him (or write in Ted Cruz's name).

    I would drink Mexican or Flint, Michigan tap water before I would vote for Hillary.



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