Gas It

Gas It

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Break Out The Kleenex

My heart bleeds for these fuckers.....
What, did they finally bleed everyone dry?

Goldman posts weakest results in four years, revenue tumbles 40 percent


Goldman Sachs Group Inc reported the worst quarterly results in more than four years on Tuesday as volatile markets kept clients from trading, investing or issuing new securities.

Goldman's report wrapped up a dismal quarter for big U.S. banks. The previous day, its most comparable rival, Morgan Stanley, also said its profit fell by more than one-half due to tough markets.

Goldman's first-quarter revenues tumbled 40 percent, hit by sliding commodity prices, worries about the Chinese economy and uncertainty about U.S. interest rates. Profit fell even more sharply, emphasizing Goldman's reliance on the capital markets business, particularly bond trading which can be volatile.

Analysts peppered Chief Financial Officer Harvey Schwartz with questions about Goldman's commitment to bond trading as well as its unusually low returns during the quarter, and his outlook for the rest of the year.

"I certainly would not sit here and tell you we were happy about this quarter," he said. "But we will do what it takes over time to make sure that we deliver for our clients and maximize the returns for shareholders."

That's financial speak for BOHICA.


  1. Strange today Obama is in Saudi Arabia and the International money settling agency (part of the IMF)starts converting and settling in remba!@#/ yuan. Very strange !!!!

  2. W-a-a-a-h!About time these money whores got a proper screwing.

  3. it is just a money issue

    going insane like the rest

    what color is your fallout shelter hatch?


  4. I reckon that they need another gov. bailout, eh?



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